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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 5, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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live at the dnc in charlotte n.c., a stake over a change in venue for the president's speech tomorrow night i'll have a live report coming up. >> tonight at the democratic national convention former president bill clinton the headliner due to speak moments from now trying to rally troops behind the president who is said to be very close to entering the arena tonight and a big disappointment for democrats tomorrow's speech tomorrow moves from outdoors indoors. i a ali
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he dncncererininhahaotot ththprprident bill clinton expected to speak here in a bid we will show you a snippet of that as he comes on while i am talking and president barack obama could be making his way into the arena in just a bit. the crowd here behind me is going wild for sandra flow could just hit the stage remember she is the one that rush limbaugh called a slut when she mandated for government funded birth control. let's talk about the biggest story going on right now the change of venue for president barack obama speech tomorrow night. the news came down early in the day the front of bad weather would force the dnc to shut down the president's open air venue thursday night. we were disappointed we couldn't make it work but ultimately it public safety comes above everything else. i wouldn't say
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i am mad but i am disappointed a lot of people came a long way i drove 10 hours yesterday and it's kind of frustrating that i won't get there. instead obama plans a conference call for those who were unable to watch a live from the arena. we're not going to get on a conference call, let's be real. the time warner cable arena decided the first two nights of the convention will be the new venue a building one-third the size of the stadium. everybody at the stadium definitely cannot go because there is not enough room. there are thousands of community tickets out there into the arena can barely hold the delegates and the congressional people that are going after hearing the news the conservative bloc as fair blow
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up. there are rumors spreading around that he backed out i have no doubt that he could have filled the place the campaign itself said there were over 10,000 people on the waiting list to get tickets but whatever the reason for the change some wonder why just yesterday a spokesperson for the president said they would hold it in the stadium rain or shine. they shouldn't have said that if it was not going to happen if their range. there are 50,000 grassroots activists here, i don't support their position. here we are playing a very ideological war as well as an image war the left tries to betray mitt romney as it rich
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and the left tries to portray obama as a socialist. >> * skilling tells us that the forecast for tomorrow at 9:00 to mark time is partly cloudy and 79 degrees it will rain but it should stop by 8:00 so we will find out what happens in the meantime president clinton expected to electrify the crowds in just a little bit we also heard that president barack obama will be inside the arena to listen to the speech and dr. joe biden is here already first lady michelle obama is also here awaiting president bill clinton's speech but right now let's go to my colleague time and given he spoke with another speaker chicagos very own congressman gutierrez. we have been talking to an awful lot of folks here and excitement building with the president in town there is also talk of a
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presidential camille following the speech by president bill clinton as for the illinois delegation another busy day and night for them. >> this election will determine whether high school valedictorians football team captains in student council presidents will be treated with respect or treated like suspects whether they reach their dreams or whether mitt romney turns their dreams into nightmares. congressman gutierrez addressing what he called americans broken immigration system his fear that it from the administration will further set us back. the mayor of the city of chicago is taking some time to be here and i think he can actually walk and chew gum at the same time, i am very confident that he can do both things. i am sure that he is taking the steps. the
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negotiators are at the table where they should be at working on the issues i am very hopeful. optimism but no answers from the president's education. former chicago school ceo taking the dnc stage open to take mitt romney to school. under the romney ryan budget to education would be caught, by as much as 20%. no matter where you come from or what you look like or what your background or who you love america is the place where you can't ensure they will be a level playing field. it's not rhetoric, it's what they believe it's about getting that
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sense of what is at stake in getting people who are willing to make the phone call and get them out to vote. and there has been a lot of concern about the sense that many are disenfranchised. a lot feel that they are not better off than they were four years ago. is it loud in here or is it just me? >> it's loud in there. last- minute changes to the democratic convention platform those changes had a mention of god and declare that jerusalem is the capital of israel advisers say the changes will place his personal views into the platform there is some research
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that showed a 7 or 8 percent change in the jewish vote would help president obama on election day as well. bob dole is keeping an eye on the dnc. he appeared on politics tonight and was asked about first lady michelle obama is seeing that it's not how much you make but how much of an impact you have on others. >> success has many different forms and i would argue that many people have different views of what success is. it's not a bad thing. it's what america is about. did he is running for reelection in the northern suburbs against a democrat brad schneider. we will bring a portion of former president clinton's speech and when that happens you could also fall our continuing coverage of the democratic national convention the jury and the drew peterson
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case will return tomorrow to begin a second school dayruling to determine whether he is or is not guilty and the death of his second wife kathleen savio. 90 minutes into jury deliberation jurors wanted hearsay testimony from kathleen savio divorce attorney harry smith and the pastor of neil chari. she asked if she could get more money in the divorce if she threaten to go to police and tell them how drew killed kathleen. chari met with stacey two months before she disappeared in told him that she lied to police about cruz whereabouts the weekend kathleen died. sherrie had been gone for hours and when he returned early in the morning he was dressed in black and was washing women's clothes true allegedly coached
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her for hours about what to say to police. there is certainly some evidence like bringing home the women's clothes being gone, coaching her, all of those things i think those are the most powerful. stacy's family and friends believes that the jurors will confect. kathleen savio's family spent the day in the bus of cincinnati restaurant for jeff ruby the self- proclaimed victims advocate who is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to stacy's disappearance and was also kicked out of court for mouthing f-you to drew. i think and i'm afraid that if he gets that he will become a cause i
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celebrity where he thinks he can get away with anything and you will make a mockery of kathleen in a rare moment of introspection the defense attorneys said there is a difference between innocent and not guilty and she never said his client was innocent. >> aniston is between moral and got, not guilty is the government doesn't have any evidence or proof of any wrongdoing. it looks like the jury is taking this case very seriously working for lunch and willing to work through better. tonight, scrambling for a plan b, a chicago school officials responding to concerns from parents about what to do if teachers had the picket lines and francis cardinal george begins a new battle. we have a
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two-pronged cool off coming at the first will be general under sunny skies tomorrow the second when you're a fair this weekend and it could be the sunniest weekend here since may we have the full forecast coming up, stay with us. notaxe
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parents of sepia students are understandably on the edge as union members appear ready to go on strike monday if necessary crystal gutierrez is live in the news room tonight the mood tonight was one of solidarity, unity and focus most of the teachers refused to comment but it was pretty clear they were prepared to strike if no contract agreements are reached by monday * with signs, t-shirts is fliers in hand, members of the sea to use health of delegates filed out of their meetinghouse of delegates filed out of their meeting tonight there are a lot of games being played. and from what we know of
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negotiations is not moving any farther so we don't have any choice the latest proposal from cp as does not cut it. it is a decrease in pay for our members. they're doing is so prematurely. they have promised to provide a half-day of engaging activities at 144 schools but it has not given parents specific details
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with just five days to go before the deadline parents are scrambling to find out what they're back up plan would be. we're all ready to go in case school is no longer in session. the uncertainty of all of this definitely a tough situation for parents, cpm says it will give parents more details of their contingency plan during a conference tomorrow night we put information on how you can participate on our website. in highland park teenager charged in the traffic death of a five year-old jackson santos in sacramento, authorities say that 18 year-old carly was driving under the influence of an intoxicant when she allegedly
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drove onto the sidewalk and killed the girl monday additional charges are pending and officials say they are waiting for the results of blood samples as well. is the chicago police department getting a bad rap? officers are not getting credit for the progress they made to stop violence in chicago and a kruger may be stalking the northern suburbs. what you need to know if you spot one. ot sfilodour
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talked to residents about it. there are thick woods freshwater lagoon is in plentiful gere in the ericksen forest preserve just a stone's throw from the 1300 block of willow road where someone says they sought a cougar. it certainly gotten people's attention news of the unconfirmed sightings back in july glenn help firefighters says he sought a cougar walk around his car wildlife experts are trying to get a picture of the animal if he is out there setting a trap that will bring him within cameras reach experts say that they will travel up to 15 mi. a day roman from the upper midwest in rare instances down into the chicago area you probably remember when chicago police were forced to shoot a
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cougar that had strayed from the dakotas all the way to chicagos roscoe village neighborhood in the city news of the latest on confirmed sighting doesn't seem to surprise anybody. i know it's out and looking for food and if i were a kruger i would probably come here to. although spotting a kruger is extremely rare, if you cross paths don't run because that could trigger an instinctive reaction for the cat chase, stand your ground and make a lot of noise because the reclusive animals shy away from human contact or any noise but even if there was a kruger roaming through the north shore more than likely he or she are already gone. >> >> walking chicagos deadliest neighborhood with the city's top cops. also in the medical watch why gender may matter when it comes to the risk of developing a disease.
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in tonight's medical watch disease discriminates alzheimer's affects women much more often than men nearly two- thirds of those diagnosed with the mind robbing disease are women, a society for women's
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health research urges more study of women with alzheimer's to find a better drug treatment pressuring kids to eat only puts them at risk for obesity. experts say the better way to develop better eating habits is to get kids to have the chance to decide how much they want to eat it's called the division of responsibility approach you prepare the right foods and model portion sizes and let kids choose what they want at each meal as we age we don't have a choice but harvard researchers have a solution in the form of a joint sell, it stretches recoil's and reels itself, so
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tomorrow. look at the storm that came across lake superior several days ago. this is at at paradise michigan. tony sent us this shot. this is clear that gushes out of the thunderstorm. dr. larry fisher took this picture in kansas. david johnson captured these clouds. we have had some very photogenic whether or round today but none of it in the severe category this evening we may have popped a big thunderstorm we have
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managed to keep the skies partly sunny today and for the 75th time temperatures here in chicago today past 85 degrees. and it was fairly warm in the united states today. a.d. at lake geneva. 77 is our reading tonight still fairly humid out there. look at the wind gusts
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this morning. there were big storms down state but not here in chicago. you will note that the front has gone through and the barometer starts to rise. humidity at 54%. the grass pollen is the product of the seasonal harvest of corn because this puts grass pollen in the air and you can see mold and ragweed we are at 81 but its 70 at the twin cities you can see the trajectory of our temperatures will be down but in
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a nice way tomorrow because of high pressure coming in right here will keep a sunny and less humid. still sees both lines of thunderstorms roared in through the deep south but nothing much showing up here in our area now watch what our model does hear it does develop a couple of showers and thunderstorms we go into a gorgeous thursday in chicago. here is where the rain fell heavily last night. here is
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this little lull of cooler air. the main cooling takes place friday night and saturday and there'll be a pretty good wind blowing that band. there is warm air out to the west and it will surge back in again early next week. no incredible heat in the forecast now. mostly sunny and less humid but warm tomorrow. friday cladscloud slower and
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thickened. only 70 or 71 on saturday. coming up the much anticipated speech from former president bill clinton here is a live look he just kept up to the podium we will have much more on him and the dnc when we come right back. and the anticipated iphone 5 could become and the coming to an apple store near you. whoa. right?
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get. out. exactly! really?! [ mom ] what? shut the front door. right? woop-woop! franklin delano! [ male announcer ] there's oreo creme under that fudge! oreo fudge cremes. now in two new flavors. headliner at the dnc tonight former president bill clinton let's listen in. >> every politician, once every voter to believe he was born in a log cabin he built himself.
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but, it ain't so. we democrats we think the country works better with a strong middle class, with real opportunities for poor folks to work their way into it and relentless focus on the future, with business and government working together to prevent growth and broadly shared prosperity, we believe that we are all in this together is a ball or better philosophy and you were on your own.far better philosophy then if you are on your own. who is right? since 1961, for 52 years
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now, the republicans have held the white house, 28 years the democrats, 24. in those 52 years our private economy has produced 66 million private- sector jobs so what's the jobs score? republicans 24 million democrats, 42. >> there do see former president clinton talking about the middle class and jobs he being one of the most anticipated speakers during the dnc. and still ahead a new hand about when the iphone 5 could be coming out and later the bears get ready to unleash their new look and a new offense on something. [ female announcer
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9:44 pm
them a chance to speak on behalf of the department, it's not just local media outlets national outlets are also giving chicago police officers a bad rap. is our city getting a bad shake in the media? >> i think the media could help us. mccarthy says there's no question the murder rate is up compared to last year, january february and march orders were up staggering 66 percent but he says they were followed by four consecutive months of production and homicide prove that chicago police are making progress. if you look at the stats everyone sees a 30% increase in homicides. that's exactly the
9:45 pm
point. the murder rate was up around 66% we've got it down below 30 percent right now. he says 27 percent is still unacceptable but since the violence reduction initiative kicked off to chicago's most violent districts and ghoul would end harrington have seen significant reductions in violence this year. what made the difference and then? >> crime rates are down significantly into of the most violent neighborhoods in the city. in those areas first of all we looked at the leadership and we really took our best people and put them in the toughest places. that would be leo schmidt mrs. mccarthy's plan
9:46 pm
is working and that morale is high among the 350 officers assigned to his district. we started the violence reduction strategy in january we're down to 44% 44 percent is a big improvement but mccarthy says that more work needs to be done. what's going on in this city is the fact that there are so many guns in the hands of young people we had a 13 year-old that was shot at 1:00 in the morning about two months ago but what wasn't reported was the fact that the 13 year-old was involved in a gunbattle with someone else which she says is another example of how reporters often miss important details. what's troubling is the successes don't get reported but we declared a failure very quickly. here's another example
9:47 pm
yesterday there were eight shootings in the city of chicago and of those eight victims for have been murder suspects themselves he says the department is working with the feds to approve the database of violent offenders. as for the violent production initiative chicago police are now focusing on the third and 10th district. you guys have been on the street a lot in know that we bring about these numbers very quickly. it's sometimes hard to go into some of those details into on cover some of the facts to make the problem look a little better. certainly gary mccarthy is no enemy of the media he is on morning and radio shows. and his good on camera so we did want to give him the opportunity to defend himself.
9:48 pm
chicago's francis cardinal george is now beginning his second battle against cancer by undergoing his chemotherapy treatment today. six years ago the cardinal had his bladder prostate and part of his right to your reader removed following the discovery of bladder cancer. let's turn it to tom skilling in the weather center. we have a nice way on theday on the way tomorrow. you can see the clear skies out to the west will be ours tomorrow and the weekend coming up will be the coolest in 17 weeks since may 12th and 13th. that is almost 17 weeks ago that
9:49 pm
we were that school look at the temperatures tomorrow still fairly nice, eighties are forecast in the area but temperatures dropped to the mid- 70s on friday and look at these nighttime lows. the reason for the big cool dawn is a book called a jet stream out in western north america that turns the flow and from the northwest here in chicago and there is a little storm that could spend up watch attorn northeastward right there in that bright band of rain coming to the area by friday evening. the reins pulled out of here and we have some pretty good rain falls for all of this as you can see here is our 7 day forecast 82 tomorrow and 77 on friday. a very windy
9:50 pm
and blustery day. it's not a permanent cool down but a little bit of a break. apple sends out in lights for a special event next weekend word is that they will announce the new iphone 5 the station simply says it's almost here and the no. 5 can be seen in the shadow of the 12th for the date. it will have a larger screen, faster processor and 4 g networks speed. it could sell up to 10 million units the first week. alex rios this year proved to be the perfect remedy for the white sox brandon marshall gets ready to make a big splash in his spears debut sunday against the colts you know
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♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ ♪ ♪
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ngredetalking football. we will have the opener sunday. the bears got back on the practice field on may 4th today. there is a chance he will play on sunday. brian or lacquer had a normal practice
9:54 pm
and all eyes will be on jake color in brandon marshall at soldier field. j. kohler says he expects the colts to double- team that could open the door for a big day and as for brandon he thinks he can open no matter what the colts throw his way. i'm going into my seventh year and every year i see more and more coverage. the good thing about being here it is we have earl bennett and we haven't even got into the back yet so there is no coverage out there i have not seen. we cannot sit there in to be stubborn and talk about brandon marshal who was triple teamed and come out a loser. the bears are finally
9:55 pm
blessed with deep wide receiving corps j. cutler admitting today the emphasis of the past in chicago has been on the other side of the ball. they were really good at it, they won games and he made an emphasis to help out the offense and get some guys to help us be successful because without some guys on the outside a kind of limits what he is able to do offensive play. last night's 18 runs. the sox loading the bases on the first inning. a blast to left. a grand slam and the white sox had a quick for rana lead. rios does it again in to run
9:56 pm
blast. the final was 6-2 and the tigers won it. he is a great player and he brings to every day, he never wants out, a great team guy. i am just saying what is in front of me and he is a big reason why we are here in this position. in the meantime nothing to enjoy their. six
9:57 pm
homers again they lose nine-one and they now have 85 losses. >> i will see you tomorrow. have a good night. with hotwire's low prices, we can afford to take an extra trip this year. first boston... then san francisco.
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hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so our hotels were half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ ♪ ♪ notaxeot sfilo
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